Current STEM Research

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Policy leaders agree that America’s future jobs, global competitiveness, even national security will suffer if something isn’t done to improve and encourage elementary, middle and high school education in these areas.

Recent Studies

Pathways to Prosperity from Harvard Graduate School of Education


An Examination of the Research Literature on Project Lead The Way by Robert H. Tai


1. Into the 21st century, American students lag in mathematics performance behind most of Europe, Japan and South Korea. Math deficits across the board must be addressed.


National Governors Association


2. Out of ten specific occupations predicted to be the fastest growing in Wisconsin, eight require STEM skills or knowledge and six require a post-secondary degree.


Public Policy Forum


3. Compared to the rest of the world, the decline in engineering graduates in the U.S. has gone from third per capita in 1975 to 17th this year.


Wisconsin Technology Council


4. If Wisconsin wants to create and retain a talented, high-wage workforce, it must develop pathway programs that encourage high school students to pursue STEM degrees. The decline in mathematics is particularly troubling.


University of Wisconsin-Madison Center of Education and Work


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