Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions below are some of the frequent questions that we have been receiving dealing with the Core Training Institute this summer.  If this page doesn't help you and you have additional questions, please contact us either by email at PLTW Wisconsin <>,  or by phone at (414) 277-7238, and we will answer any of your questions.


*If you are unfamiliar with MSOE's campus, please click here for a campus map and information on the different campus buildings.

1) Where do I register for the class/es I want to take?

Please refer to our Core Training page and follow the Registration section to understand how to register for the classes you want to take.

2) When will I receive my invoice for the class I registered for?

You should receive your invoice at least thirty days before your course begins.  If you prefer to have your invoice sent earlier, please contact us.

3) Do I have to make my own hotel room reservations or will PLTW do that for me?

We make all hotel room reservations for all CTI participants that require a hotel room.  Please do not contact any of the hotels directly for reservations.  The hotel will have your individual room reservation one week before training.

4) Where do I park during my session?

All participants who stated that they will need campus parking when they registered will have access to the parking garage under Viet's Field on MSOE's campus during their class.  Participants are allowed to leave their cars there all day and night.  


** Participants of the Engineering and BioMedical courses can park in the Broadway Lot only on the first Sunday for registration.  If you park in this lot any other day, you are viable to receiving a parking ticket so please park at Viet's Field!



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